Kylie Quinn – Goo’s Cool For School Rodney Moore 1080p

Cutie Kylie Quinn comes to Stepdad Rodney needing some help for a creative writing project.

She’s been told to interview someone interesting in her family and since Rodney used to be in a band, she thought he might have some interesting groupie stories.

So he begins to relate a tale of a girl who lured him outside the club, then just immediately dropped to her knees, pulled down his pants and started sucking his cock. Kylie listens intently but she’s looking for a more “hands on” experience.

“Like this” she says as she yanks down Rodney’s pants. Rodney’s shocked of course but how could he resist? She swallows his massive member deep letting her drool ooze down onto her perky tits. She tenderly licks his balls. This girl’s an even better cock-sucker than his groupie! She continues slurping and sucking at his thick rod until he squirts out a creamy blast of hot goo all over her pretty little mouth.


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