Lana Rhoades

She blows Rico in front of them, he bends her over the counter and fucks her, then they move over to a chair and her continues fucking her doggy and missionary, he moves her back to the kitchen counter for some more doggy fucking. Throw in some fingering, pussy licking and more blowjob action in between all the fucking, it finishes with him cumming on her face.

Meet the Rhoades family: Poppa Rhoades, his oldest son, Robby, and Robby’s little “sissy”, Lana. Since she turned 18, Lana’s turned into quite a handful. She’s in trouble at school, she’s hanging out with the wrong crowd, and she recently started dating a boy named “Rico”, who she’s about to introduce to her Pops and older brother. Robby knows about Rico, mainly from his rep at school. Or, as Robby puts it, “he’s not one of us, Dad!” He sure isn’t! It doesn’t take long for Rico and Lana to go at it…and in the kitchen, no less! Whether or not her family watches! Dad and brother stand here, in amazement…not only at what’s going down…but the size of Rico’s enormous cock! By the end of this, you’re either going to think they’re the all-time biggest weirdos or wish your family was like them!!

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