Lets Do It Here Daddy

I wanted something in my mouth so dad thought he would be funny and get me some fry frys 🙂 ha little does dad no im going to tease him so damn bad! he just loves showing me off at home depot! butt wait where do i get mine out of this i just went for a ride to get some dick and daddy aint giving me non! all i got to use is my hands and he will be rock hard! no he just wants to give me his tartar sauce:) well i was right a little teasing and shoving fries down my throat while licking up creamy goodness would turn him on hahaha i even wanted to do it in the home depot parking lot but daddy drives like a granny so i made him pull over put my foot on the break and daddy got it right there being a business

Sex Acts: blowjob, reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, she jerks him off till he cums (which is very quickly)

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