Like My Big Boobs, Daddy

Um…were you just jerking off, Daddy? I won’t tell Mom, don’t worry…so what are we watching? “Busty Coed Cocksuckers”…”Young Fun Bags”…if I didn’t know any better, I’d say my dad has a thing for big breasted young women. It’s really too bad you don’t have anyone around who fits the bill. You know, someone young and hot, like me, who is around you very often, like me, and has really big boobs…like me. Wait a second, *I* am the ideal sexual muse for you Daddy! I bet you never even noticed!

You and I both know that bullshit, I always see you checking me out. Now that I think about it, my allowance has seemed on the low side lately. I’ll tell you what, you can use me as your plaything from the waist up, Daddy, as long as you give me an extra $200 a week. Deal? Think about it, I can walk around without a bra all day long so you can always cop a feel. And when Mom’s not here, you will get to watch your own daughter go around the house totally topless!

I bet you want to touch these 34 Ds, don’t you? How about you stroke your cock nice and slow, Daddy, while I fondle and squeeze them. Mmm, it’s too much to bare, isn’t it? Let me sit on your lap then. That’s it, now reach around and grab them with me, Daddy. You’re getting really hard, I feel you against my ass. Let your little girls suck it for a bit to make you happy – my mouth counts as my waist up you know.

Isn’t it so sexy to see that big cock in your daughter’s mouth? But you keep staring at my bare breasts, Daddy. I think you want me to use my boobies to make you cum, don’t you? How about I squeeze and pump your solid, throbbing dick in and out of my warm cleavage? I want you to fuck my tits– whoa!! You came from my boob job so fast, Daddy! I didn’t even have time to get started! You really do like my boobies, don’t you?!

Fantasy includes: taboo, daddy/daughter, tit fucking, cumshot, big tits, blow job, cock sucking, tease, dirty talking, negotiation, tit worship

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