Lola Fae – Squirting is the best medicine

Scene starts with Lola in the bathroom getting some medicine for her “daddy” and deciding that she is going to take good care of him. There is a lot of talk about him being cold, her way of keeping him warm is to strip naked and get under the sheets with him.
During this she gets his cock out and gives a blowjob. She rubs her pussy which he takes over doing and then we move on to a footjob.
Back to the blowjob and handjobs until he “hurts himself”. Scene moves into the kitchen where Lola needs to ice his balls. This moves back into her blowing him until she leads him by the cock to the sofa. She continues to suck and jerk him off including deepthroating. He ends this portion of the scene by coming in her mouth. Scene continues with “daddy” lying in bed still feeling unwell. Lola comes in and jerks his cock and then blows him. They decide that they are going to fuck and she lies down on the bed.
He fucks her in the Viennese Oyster position until they switch up to doggystyle. They switch again to cowgirl position and finally back to doggystyle. He pulls out and she gets on her knees for a facial.


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