Lovely Lilith_Daddy-Takes-Me-Bra-Shopping

Lovely Lilith role plays as your voluptuous daughter. She approaches you, asking where mom is, but you tell her mom is out for the day. She tells you she’s got a problem: she’s got practice tonight, but none of her sports bras fit. Will you take her bra shopping?

Of course, you tell her. As long as you can see the bras on her, to make sure they fit.

She laughs at that, but agrees. You take her to the mall and we cut to the changing room. She peeks her head out, a little nervous about presenting herself in a bra to her dad. However, she quickly concedes, though she warns you the bra is a little small.

You she her massive tits spilling out of the drastically undersized sports bra. She bounces her big tits around, proving to you that it’s too small. You notice an even smaller, black bra hanging on the wall behind her. You suggest she tries it on.

She agrees, but can’t believe she’s doing this in front of her dad. Nonetheless, she bounces around, showing how silly it is to be wearing such a small bra. She then asks you to go find some her size.

You do so, and she continues to show you bra after bra, lifting her massive tits up so you can examine their fit. Finally, you can’t take it anymore–and she notices. She forgives you. “I do look like mom,” she says, “although with bigger tits.”

Without much questioning, she takes off her bra and shows off her bare, gigantic juggs for you, before letting you titfuck her. You come between her tits, happy you decided to take her shopping.

Lovely Lilith description: Dad! Have you seen mom around? SHE LEFT?! Uhhh… Dad… I kind of have a problem. She was supposed to take me bra shopping today to get a sports bra! I need it for tonight’s practice!

Why can’t I just use the one I have? IT DOESN’T FIT! My boobs kind of grew…a LOT recently… Oh. You noticed? Well– then you know I need new bras! So… will YOU take me? PLEASE?! I really need new bras!

You WILL!? DAD! You’re the best!! Wait… under one condition? What is it?

You… you want to check and make sure each one fits? Um… Okay. I guess that makes sense! I’m going to go get my shoes! Let’s go to the mall now, dad!


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