Maria Jade – Just Do It Daddy – Til I Get All Your Cum

Maria comes home from college upset about a break up. Dad talks to her makes her feel better and it secretly turns her on dad goes takes a shower she spys on him sees his big cock plays with her pussy then she waits for him to get done he goes to his room to get dressed she is there waiting in the closet. She comes out shuts the door then shuts his door and tells him its in case mom comes home. Maria forces herself on him aggressively going for his cock. He tries to protest but maria just responds saying daddy give me that daddy dick. She rips his towel off starts sucking his cock like crazy tells him it’s so big she rubs his balls says I’m going to drain your balls daddy. Maria keeps sucking him like crazy then she says your going to cum on my face he screams no no no this is so wrong. She says yes yes yes daddy your going to give me that big fat load on my face.

She continues till he cums on her face then she tells him how good it tastes. Marias desires get even more intense and she wants more cum. She says I’m officially your cum slut then he says I’m done I cant cum anymore baby. She crys and says no daddy I want more. Maria gets a viagra out of her purse and says here take it he says I’m not taking it she says well I’ll call mom right now if you dont. He agrees and takes it she comes back in a different outfit and ask if he is ready and if he can handle her tight pussy. He says no she says I’ll change your mind about that she gets down starts sucking him like crazy until he almost explodes. Then she tells him I’m going to ride your cock till I drain it dry daddy. She rides him slow at first goes faster faster until he cums in her pussy. She screams yes daddy I love that cum in my pussy and gets off spread her legs says look what you did daddy!! Then she sucks his cock hard and climbs back on for more. She fucks him so hard she breaks the bed. Maria laughs and says omg yes im going to break your cock next.

He says it’s no funny your mom will be pissed if she finds out we did this to her bed. Maria says oh well says let’s break in the new couch daddy. They go in he sits on couch she sucks him like crazy again until he almost explodes again. She ask him if he can handle more of her pussy and he says no I already have blue balls it hurts.

She says to bad your cock is mine now daddy! She keeps riding him harder harder until he cums he says get off me get off me. She says no I’m not done yet she then continues to ride him he screams stop .She keeps going until she drenches his cock in her orgasm she then falls off on the bed and shakes all over and says that has never happened before cant wait till next time daddy. She screams yes I did it she says now I’ll be a mommy! He freaks out says what she tells him I lied daddy I’m not on the pill and laughs. He gets pissed tells her what a bad girl she is tells her to go to her room.

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