Melanie Hicks – Attitude Problem [1080p]

Melanie has an Attitude Problem. No doubt about it…..a BIG Attitude Problem!! Dad gets a phone call from the Principal saying that…..once again….Melanie skipped school today. dad is furious….and tells the Principal that he will take stern action when Melanie gets home. When she arrives home…..chewing bubble gum…..blowing bubbles….full of Attitude…..Melanie is confronted by her Dad about skipping class. Angry Dad tells her that she is Grounded for two weeks for her actions….effective immediately. Melanie tells her Dad that Grounding is….in her words….”unacceptable”…..and she simply takes off the shirt from her school uniform to unveil her Giant Tits. Melanie points to her Tits….then caresses her Daddy’s crotch…..and tells him that there “must be another solution”. Dad is putty in Melanie’s hands….staring at her Big Tits with his jaw open. Melanie quickly puts Dad’s cock in her mouth, and begins to Suck away her Grounding!! To cinch the deal…..Melanie sits on Dad’s face, and lets him taste her sweet young cunt $ asshole, before letting him give her a good, hard Pounding. Needless to say….Dad is spent….and Melanieis free to come and go as she pleases. Girls with Big Tits don’t get “Grounded”.

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