Melanie Hicks – Melanie’s Allowance [1080p]

Melanie learned of a new “trick” from her friend Nicole. Nicole has been giving her Dad Topless Handjobs….in exchange for a higher Allowance. Melanie wants to try it out on her Dad…so equipped with a bottle of baby oil, and a box of Kleenex, Melanie goes to see her Dad. Melanie bounces the concept off her Dad….who is somewhat reluctant to go along… Melanie takes her shirt off, to show her dad that she has BIG….BEAUTIFUL TITS!!! After seeing the spectacular natural breasts of his well endowed Daughter, Dad agrees to the Topless Handjob for a raise in Allowance. After Melaniestrokes him for a few minutes….Dad gets into the spirit of the exercise…..and offers Melanie another $50 in Allowance…if she’ll put it in her mouth!! Enterprising Melanie immediately scarfs down her Daddy’s cock. After some good cock sucking….Dad ups the ante again….offering his busty Daughter $100 raise in Allowance….if she’ll let him fuck her!!! Melanie agrees….and climbs on top of Daddy’s hard cock and rides him. Dad finishes by using his little Pumpkin as a cum dumpster….as he soaks her in sperm!! Dad feels better….and Melanie has a nice raise in her Allowance!!

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