Milf&Her Son

Rachel had the body of an athlete; she worked hard at the pool! Rachel came out of the water, skin glistening in the warm sun, nipples erect and hard. He could see her mound of bush through her bottoms and a slight shape of her pussy lips. Rachel sat next to him flirting and showing off her body. Michael ran off angry and embarrassed at his erection. Rachel knew it was time for a chat; she sat him down on the lanai and gave him a little speech. She told him about her needs and that woman’s bodies are to be appreciated and desired. She decided to make him feel that way while looking at her. Rachel pulled her son’s cock out and gave him a long slow tease jerk until he exploded. Rachel saw how easy that was to train him and knew that she’d do it again. The next morning Rachel searched for her watch; she was clad in stockings, garter, a push up bra and sexy heels. Her robe was open as she flew into the living room where Michael sat. He quickly scolded her for the inappropriate attire in front of him. Rachel reminded him a woman’s body is for pleasure and to honor, and she sat next to him making him nervous and erect. Rachel told him to make her pussy cum. She guided him through the steps, showing and telling him how to make her cream on his hand. Rachel came HARD. She then left for work leaving Michael hard and blue balled. As Rachel dressed for work she found a dildo, and with a few minutes to spare she took advantage and began to pleasure herself. Thoughts of Michael flooded her head, so she called out for him. Michael didn’t know what was in store for him. Rachel reminded him to worship her body, with that she had him stripped and ready to fuck. They fucked like rabbits, and Michael pulled out a few times so not to cum to fast. Rachel instructed him how to fuck her good. She came several times as he hit her G-spot. When he exploded Rachel was satisfied. Rachel finally had Michael comfortable with her anatomy.

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