Moka Mora – Daddy’s morning wood [1080p]

Moka loves it when mommy goes to work early; that means she gets to spend some special time with daddy. Padding into his bedroom, she calls out to see if he’s up, but he is sound asleep. That’s okay, she knows how to wake him up. Climbing onto the bed, she first pulls the covers down, then his pajama bottoms, allowing his big erection to pop up. Daddy always has a case of morning wood. Smiling at how happy she’ll make her daddy, Moka grips the thick shaft and stuffs it in her mouth, slurping and licking at it like a lollipop. That wakes daddy up. He beams at his good, little girl and tells her to take her robe off, so he can see what a beautiful, young woman she’s growing up to be. Obediently, she shakes off the soft terrycloth, showing off her soft, full tits, curvy, smooth-skinned body and hairless pussy. Daddy plays with her boobs, marveling at their firmness, and sucking her nipples until they’re hard and standing out from her pillowy mounds. Then, he stands up so she can work on his cock again with her warm mouth, even sucking on his nut sack joyfully. He lays back down and has his baby girl get on top of his stiff cock, his thick pole opening her tight, innocent folds wide, causing her to moan. After bouncing on her daddy’s lap, whimpering from his huge daddy cock shoving into places no one else has ever touched her, he lays her down. He laps at her fresh and tender pussy, before shoving himself back inside her tight snatch. Thrusting in, again and again, she gasps and groans, until daddy’s heavy ball-sack tightens, squeezing out a flood of cum that spatters all over her tiny tummy. Moka smiles up at her loving daddy, covered in his hot, sticky goo. She knows that mess means she’s been a good girl.

Sex Acts: blowjob, cunnilingus, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, missionary, cum on stomach

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