Molly Jane & Cory Chase – Our Sex Toy

Dad is a pervert
Cory and her daughter Molly find dad in his bedroom masturbating. Wearing panties and smelling a dirty pair he rubs them on his cock. They leave him with their panties to go have some fun. He wakes from his nap to find himself naked and tied to the bed. Cory and Molly walk in naked with cum filled condoms. He is shocked, not knowing how to react. The girls went to the gym and picked up some men while dad was home masturbating like a loser. They hang the condoms over his face asking if he wants a taste. “It has my pussy juice on it”, Cory says with a wicked smile. He opens his mouth and sucks the condom. Cory makes him stick out his tongue as she slowly drips the cum into his mouth. Molly pours hers into his mouth and the girls laugh. They tell him it’s good practice because he is going to be sucking cock for them in his new life as their sex toy.

Get us off
Cory and Molly return with some long dildos for him. Straddling his face Cory shoves her cock into his grimacing mouth. “It’s so yummy, right?”, Cory asks fucking his mouth. Using her big black cock Molly fucks her dad’s mouth hard. “Your daughter has a toy for you”, Cory says and Molly puts a dildo gag on her sissy dad. While Cory jerks his cock his daughter rides his face. Molly moans fucking her dads face hard. Cory needs to get in on the action and fucks him cowgirl. Both girls moan and bounce on their pathetic father. He cums inside Cory’s tight pussy. She collects his cum in a condom and pours it into her cucky husbands mouth. “Now wasn’t that good sweety.” They leave him tied up to rest, so they can have more fun later.

Forced Milking
The girls jerk his cock, all four hands rubbing him. Cory takes her vibrator and rubs it under his balls giving him pleasure just like a girl. They tease him taking him to the edge or orgasm then stop. “We are going to milk every last drop”, Cory says, both of them giving wicked and loving looks to their new cucky sex toy. They jerk him until he shoots his load in their tight grip. They keep jerking him after he cums making him scream in pain. “You should clean up this mess. We are going to have so much fun with you”, Cory says and the girls leave him to untie himself.

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