Molly Jane – Fatherly advice

Being a good Father isn’t easy. I always go with my gut instinct, so when my son Alex asked me for help getting laid for the first time, I knew just what to do. My daughter Molly just got home from her first year away at college and I knew she’d be willing to help out her brother. I guess I didn’t spend enough time explaining how sex works with my son, but I definitely taught Molly about the birds and the bees. I told her to get naked and give Alex a striptease- then I pulled out my cock and Molly eagerly began sucking. My son was shocked, but I told him this is just what we do in this family, and he couldn’t resist his sister’s huge tits and wet pussy. I showed him a few positions and even how to be a little rough. It was going great until MY SON CAME INSIDE MY DAUGHTER’S PUSSY!! I told him to pull out, but I guess it just felt too good. I didn’t get mad though– accidents happen– but I did show him the right way to cum and blasted a huge load all over my daughter’s face. I’m sure glad my daughter Molly is home all summer. My son definitely needs A LOT more practice….

Sex Acts: blowjob, doggy style, reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, missionary, implied creampie, facial

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