Molly Jane – Saves Our Marriage Series Merged

Molly’s parents are having a fight in the bathroom. Appearently he can’t satisfy mom anymore, who is demanding things like ‘foreplay’.. Seems like he won’t get any action tonight.. or will he? Dad’s about to walk out the door when Molly suggests something that might just persuade him to stay, instantly going for his cock. And she like the taste of things to come..

-Going to the Movies
It’s Date night! Mom’s going to the movies, but Dad disagrees. Talking things over how things went last night, both parties aren’t exactly against it. Besides how can he say no to his own daughter? With mom out of the house, and still withholding sex, there is only one thing Dad can do, return the favor by taking things further.. He goes down on Molly on the couch and shoves his big dick right in there, making her feel like mom.

-In my Ass Daddy
Daddy’s home early. He just can’t control himself, he has to have more of his daughter sweet hairy pussy. He can’t wait! Mom’s sleeping, he sneaks into Molly’s room for more tention relief. They have to be quiet not to wake up mom. Nothing like a good good moring fuck with daddy! Next step, time to take it in the ass! Molly can’t wait for her daddy’s cock load in there.

-Mom Knows
Oops, Molly wakes up, TIED TO MOMS BED! She seems to have found out about her and her dads nasty secret. Molly has been taking her spot, and shes not happy about it! Time for mommy to learn about what exactly those two have been doing while he wasn’t fucking her anymore. The lesson seems wrong at first, but Molly is starting to enjoy herself. She fucked daddy right? Why not mom? And mom is so much better licking her pussy than dad. Looks like mom and dad will be staying together afterall, they all will be, like one happy sex loving family.

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