Mommy Made Me Do It

Anyas Daddy catches her making out with her brother Jimmy. Furious, he sends Jimmy to his room to think about how he has violated his sister. Wanting to get to the bottom of things, Daddy questions Anya about why she was making out with her brother. He finds out she wasn’t doing it by choice, but that her mom was making her and would punish her if she didn’t do whatever her brothers said. Daddy has to protect and comfort his precious daughter so he promises to stop her mother and she only has to do what she wants to do. To show Daddy how grateful she is, Anya sits in his lap and shows him what a skillful slut she has become!!!

Sex Acts: pussy rubbing and fingering, blowjob, reverse cowgirl, doggy style, missionary, cumshot on her face and in her mouth

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Duration :00:12:37

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