Mommy Ruins Your Bet

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“Your mother knows all about the bet you have going with your friends: whoever can last the longest without masturbating wins the pot. You’ve got a strong start, beating out two guys already, just over two weeks without jerking it. Your mother has been exasperated by the whole thing. She’s really pushy. Needy. Horny. You’ve told her no a million times, but tonight she makes it her business to have your cock. Sauntering into your room, she pulls off her robe to reveal a sexy black lace lingerie set. She’s got a bottle of lube and she’s determined to make you cum for her. She admonishes you for teasing her with your constant erections, fishing her hand underneath the covers and into your boxers to find you, rock hard and already dripping precum. You groan and beg her not to, but she’s relentless, stroking you and teasing you with a grin. She knows you’re no match for her, for her hunger. She needs your young, cum-filled cock, and she’s not going to stop until its buried deep inside her, pumping her full. And once you cum, it’s not over: she’s going to ride your cum-covered cock until you’re begging her to stop, stop stop.”

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