Mommy Teaches Daughter About Sex

“Mom feels bad for her daughter. She is really curious about sex but doesn’t want any of the boys at school to help her. Mom thinks she can help and lets her explore her naked body and see what the future woman she will become is like. Daddy stumbles in shocked to see his wife and daughter in embrace. They convince him it is ok and they ask him for his cock to help. Daddy proceeds to fuck his daughter while mom watches and cums inside of her with a huge load. Cum swapping ensues and the entire family is satisfied.”

Note: According to the c4s store description, this is supposedly Anya Olsen’s debut clip. No idea if this is true. Given how often things are uploaded/changed on c4s is hard to compare dates accurately (and that’s assuming things are uploaded in the order they are shot).

These three also hooked up again in a similarly themed Ashley Fires clip, “A daughters family initiation”

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