My Persistent Son

This was a custom video here is the script I followed.You come home from work wearing a short sun dress, nude pantyhose and black pumps, You go into the kitchen and your son follows you. As you try to check your texts and messages he starts to stare at your legs and butt. You move around and tell him to stop but he won’t. You try to drink your coffee, but leave the kitchen frustrated/ He drops something into your coffee cup before you come back in. When you come back in you start to put on your lipstick and tell him that you are going out. He slowly starts to touch and kiss your legs and at first you say stop, but then you suddenly find yourself ok with it. Then he asks you to take off your hose and to then put your heels back on. He then stands behind you and starts rubbing up against you. He then asks you to give him give him a handjob while he rubs your legs and you do so.

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