Natasha’s Bedroom – Mom’s Dirty Little Secret

It’s the middle of the afternoon, and you’re lazing around in your room despite telling mom that you’d help her clean all day. You know that she’ll be furious, but you don’t care. You found out her naughty little secret: she’s a porn star. Your very own mother secretly shows her naked body to strange men on the internet. She’s not going to boss you around anymore if she wants to keep her secret safe from dad, from her friends, her family…she’s going to have to do whatever you say.Mom walks angrily into your room and starts berating you. You watch her scold and nag, until you gleefully hand her your phone, full of her naked, compromising photos. And then you tell her that she belongs to you now. “Strip for me, or I’ll tell dad,” you order. She’s beyond embarrassed, but you can tell from her reaction that she’d do anything to ensure that you keep her secret safe. She strips shyly, trying to cover her body, but complying with your every demand.Once you see her naked and humiliated, your cock grows impossibly hard. You want more, and mom’s in no position to say no. “Get on top of me”, you order, “I’m going to cum right in your pussy.” She begs you to change your mind, to just pretend you never saw those pictures, but you refuse. As your cock tears into her pussy, you pull out your phone and start to record. “Tell me you’re my slut, my whore. Tell me that your pussy belongs to your son…

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