Nickey Huntsman – Skipping School  Not With Daddy Home!

When forming a sexual identity, a young girls quest for mature sexual experiences
is the start of the DADCRUSH – Daughters doing whatever they can to compete for daddys
everlasting love. These teen sluts will go above and beyond what it takes to show their
fathers how much they adore them, sacrificing their virgin pussies for a sweet taste of
papas pecker. If mommy ever finds out, these girls are grounded for life! Not to mention
daddy will be sleeping on the couch for a long long time.
So for the sake of secrecy, lets keep this between us!

How’s work going Dad? Yeah, not so good huh? Feeling a little out of it today?
Dad, I want to talk about last night. When I moved back home I figured you might be
a little annoying, but I didn’t think… You don’t need to lie to me Dad… I was scared at first,
but now I can’t stop thinking about it. I’ve had bad thoughts about you before,
but I always pushed them away… Don’t be afraid now Daddy, I want to try this too…

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