Nikki Brooks in Lessons From Daddy

Scene One: Persistent Daughter
Dressed in her workout clothes Nikki lays down on the bench and tries to lift. “Daddy!” She calls. He walks in to see his daughter struggling with even the smallest weights. “Do you need help?” He asks and Nikki answers in delight. Nikki doesn’t care about working out but she saw a video online where a daughter seduces her father in her tight workout outfit and a slip of a hand to her dad’s cock. “Why is your cock hard?” Nikki says touching him. He backs up and tells her to get serious. But when she’s only serious about getting his dick he leaves in embarrassment. “I practically jerk him off and he leaves” Nikki says in frustration.

Scene Two: Daddy issues
Nikki decides to go all in. She strips off her clothes and calls her father back into the room. “What are you doing!” He shouts in disbelief. Nikki explains that she’s just hot and she really needs her fathers help. She pulls his hands onto her tits. When that doesn’t work she wraps her legs around him and forces his face into her pussy. “I wont tell mom anything” Nikki whispers and pulls down his pants. She bends over and lets his hard cock fuck her from behind. “That’s better” She moans and gets fucked around the bench. She rides him and lets him shoot his hot load inside of her. “I knew he couldn’t resist” Nikki moans, cum oozing down her leg.

Sex Acts: cunnilingus, missionary, reverse cowgirl, doggy style

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