Nikki Brooks in Time With Daddy

Scene One: Yoga Poses
Daughter is doing yoga stretches and is super fit, and dad is watching tv, she asks him to join her as he is a MMA fighter, so she asks him I know you can fight dad but try some yoga it will be good for you, so she starts show her daddy, she bends over in front of him, arching her ass out, he struggles and then she comes right in front of him and arches/bends down and her ass grinds up against her dads crotch, he says gets all awkward as his daughter teases him more. Then she says dad teach me some self defense, he says no and sits back down she jumps on his lap and rocks back and forth until he tells her okay stand up. He grabs her from behind and tells her to try and escape, he grinds against her ass and she pushes back, finally she grabs her dads balls and he says hey watch out now, I’m your dad. She says okay teach me more, dad says lay flat on the ground, on your stomach, he spreads her legs apart and puts all his weight on her back and ass, he says now try to escape, but he grinds up against her hard and rough and saying come on try to escape what will you do if its someone bigger than me. He tells her to get up and says that’s enough… Nikki has not had enough and jumps onto Daddy. She grinds her crotch into his and asks if she is holding him down correctly. Daughter quickly orgasms as does Daddy. Nikki got what she wanted and walked away leaving her Father in shock…

Scene Two: Computers and Cumshots
Daughter is sitting at the computer desk and having trouble with her webcam. She calls out for her Daddy to help her. He comes in, sits down and Daughter sits on his lap. She slowly grinds back and forth while dad is trying to work he tells her to go away, but she wants attention from her daddy so she starts to twerk/shake her ass at her daddy, she goes to the ground and teases him and he says what on earth are you doing, she shakes her ass saying teach teach me daddy, so while she is on all fours, dad comes right behind her and says what is this twerk business you young girls do these days, so she twerks back on him, dad starts to get hard, and she says hey whats that, and looks at her daddy, OMG DAD WHAT THE FUCK YOU GOT A BONER FROM ME TWRKING, he tries to hide it and says no go away, she twerks more he finally can’t take it. He pulls her yoga pants down from her ass and slams her pussy hard from behind, fuck me harder daddy, he says you little slut you like your father cock, dad just wants his daughters ass and fucks her all over the room doggystyle. Daughter begs for Daddy to cum on her belly and when he does, she tastes his seed. Daughter thanks Daddy and wants more computer help tomorrow.

Sex Acts: doggy style, standing doggy, cumshot on stomach (actual cumshot not visible, just the result)

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