Nora Doll – Daddy Lets Get Dirty

Breakdown:Before Mommy Gets Home Oooh Daddy, did you just take a shower? You know mommy isn’t going to be home for a while right? Can I be a bad girl for you again Daddy? Oh I love how you tease my pussy like that it gets me so wet. Mmm let me suck that big cock of yours Daddy the way I know you like it. Daddy I have to feel you inside me please. Oh yes Daddy just like that make your daughter cum all over that cock. Mmm that feeling when you cum inside me is why I like you more than mommy!!!

SCENE INCLUDES: “Daddy” rubs Nora’s pussy, then gets a blowjob and fucks her on a couch. Dirty talking throughout, ends with a weak (or fake) creampie

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Duration :00:10:04

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