Odessa Odyssey – ‘Cheating With My Black Step Daughter’ (1080p)

My hot black step daughter just graduated from collage and came home to live with me and her mother till she got back on her feet. My wife had to go out of town for work so it was just me and my step daughter were gonna be home alone. i told her in the kitchen that me and her mom were happy to have her here, i also told her that the shower in the guest bathroom was broken and when she needed to shower she could just use me and her mothers shower. she came into my bed room a coupe of hours later and said she need to shower, i said sure and she went in the bathroom. when she closed the door she didn’t realize that the bathroom door had windows and she started to strip. i tried not to watch but i could help my self, her ass look so curvy and firm. i stopped looking and walked away. a little while later i heard her calling for me, so i poked my head in and she said she needed a towel. when i came back in with the towel she said thank you but she left the shower door partial open and i could see the water running over her body. when i left the bathroom i told myself that was it, i couldn’t look at my step daughter naked again and that it was wrong. when she got out for the shower she stood in front of the with the window and started rubbing lotion all over her body. that was it, i couldn’t take it anymore, i need to jerk off. so right outside the bathroom i jerk off looking at my naked step daughter. my wife wont be home for a few days so i don’t know what will happen.

After seeing my black step daughter naked in the shower i couldn’t think about anything else. today i figured id be nice and make us bother dinner since my wife still wasn’t going to be home for a day still. i asked Odessa and she said dinner would be great, i also got use some wine since she was 21 now. we had a good dinner and a little to much to wine, so i went to bed. a couple hours later Odessa came in to the room a little tipsy and started to undress, i asked her what she was doing and she said she was horny! i tried to talk her our of doing anything but deep down i wanted to see where this was gonna go. once she was naked she pulled my shorts off and started to suck my cock. she kept it up until filled her throat with my nut. we called it a night naked in my bed, i cant wait for tomorrow morning!

Last night after me and my step daughter had dinner and a few drinks, i went to bed alone. a couple hours later my tipsy step came in to my room and started undressing, i asked what she was doing. she told me she was really horny and needed some dick, i asked how much wine she had and she said it didn’t matter. once she was naked she sucked me off and we both cuddled up and called it a night. when i woke up this morning i saw she was still there and naked! i woke her up and asked her if she liked last night, she smilled at me and said she did. i asked her for one more favor, i told her my dick was still hard and i need some help. with a big smile on her face my step daughter started sucking my cock, then let me fuck her every way i wanted until i creampied her!


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