Pamela Morrison – Send Nudes To Papa

Scene 1: New Phone, Who dis?
You have Pamela over for the weekend. It’s her birthday and you surprise her with a new phone. Being the ditsy tart that she is, she sends nudes to you instead of her boyfriend. When confronted, a quid-pro-quo offer is struck — a handjob and a blowjob in lieu of telling her mother. The scene ends with a simulated orgasm.

Scene 2: No Privacy at Home
Pamela is in the bathroom and she’s flicking the bean. You walk in on her watching porn on her phone. After a bit of banter, you suggest she simulate the porn she’s watching on you — so naturally, she begins with a blowjob. If you thought that was all, you’re in for a treat because she then bends over the toilet and starts getting fucked doggy style. Flips over, then it’s suddenly missionary. Scene ends with simulated creampie.

Scene 3: Not Losing my Phone
Pam comes back home after a night out and lost her phone whilst sloppy. Passed out on the couch, you thought it’d be sly to slip her some of the dick, but she wakes up and starts sucking you off. After the bj, you proceed to fuck her in the missionary, reverse cowgirl, doggy and cowgirl positions until you cum in her mouth. Actual cumshot this time. Swallows.

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