Part 1-Family Foursome

Alyssa and I sneek into our parents closet to mess with our dad but never expected to see this…
Our mom was getting ready for work, and Alyssa and I were bored. We came into our dad’s room and snuck into the closet to scare him while he was taking a nap. He was harassing us about watching scary movies so we thought wed try to freak him out. As soon as we got into the closet, mom walked in and woke our dad up. He told her how much he liked her in her stewardess outfit in more ways than one. Alyssa and I were trying so bad to not snicker as she took dads blanket off and OMG he had a big cock! Mom started playing with his cock and it grew even bigger. We watched as she started sucking on it and took turns peeking out to see her trying to deep throat and gagging on his dick.

Then mom said she still had time for dad to fuck her so he told her to bend over and got behind her. We watched as dad pealed down her panties and licked her pussy while her airline outfit was still on. When her pussy was finally wet enough he slide his cock in and banged his hips against moms tan bubble ass. Our parents had their backs to us so we both started sticking our heads out trying to watch but couldnt see much more than daddys butt going back and forth. As he fucked her we got more and more excited about seeing this, so when dad flipped her over we got really bold.

We decided that since dad was going to be able to see us anyways in the doorway, we may as well let him know that we’re looking. Dad fucked mom missionary for a little while bit until he couldn’t take it anymore and told her to get down on her knees so he could cum in her mouth. He said he wanted her to still be able to taste him at 30,000 feet ewww. He grabbed the back of her head and fucked her mouth stuffing his dick as deep as he could until he came all over her tongue. She swallowed, stood up and told dad she loved him before leaving to go fix her makeup. We didn’t know if daddy actually saw us until she left and he told us to come out. He was exhausted but we knew he could still see that glimmer of curiosity in our eyes as we left the room giggling.

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