Please Beat his Cum To My Egg

Princess Leia comes home from a date worried that she may have gotten pregnant. She seduces daddy into some POV sex in a race to beat out her date’s cum. She tarts off with some innocent banter as Princess Leia convinces daddy to do the deed. She proceeds to slowly strip. This is followed with a warm-up BJ. POV doggy style follows with a finish up in missionary while our princess begs for his seed. She gets it with a creampie finish!

Oh my god, I’m in such big trouble… I had sex on my date tonight and.. well, I swear I thought I told him to use protection! It’s really important to me. I couldn’t have forgotten or just let him stick it in. Did the condom break? Uh.. Daddy!! What’s he going to think?! He’s just going to tell me I wasn’t being responsible enough, I shouldn’t go out with boys like that, I’m dressed the wrong way… Well, I am in deep trouble! I need a life line. I need… to get rid of this cum. This guy can’t be all that, right? His cum can’t be so strong to get me pregnant… but I can’t just let it come to chance. Daddy has strong… oh fuck, what am I thinking. No way would he want to have sex with his own daughter. That’s sick. But what if, I just, turned around? He wouldn’t have to notice my face. But, he does give me those looks sometimes… Would he really be that opposed? I think I’ll ask him. I think if I ask real nicely, he’ll want to fuck his little girl and knock her up so that nasty boy doesn’t come near me again!

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