Principal Skinner

Jennifer’s Dad receives a series of phone calls from the Principal at her school. A series of complaints about Jennifer’s behaviour!!! Dad takes the complaints seriously and takes swift actions to punish Jennifer as each complaint is received. When Principal Skinner informs Jennifer’s Dad that she was smoking on school property…..Dad forces Jennifer to give him a Handjob….and he cums all over her great big Tits. Dad figures that the unpleasant task of masturbating her Father would set her straight….but the next week….he gets another call from Principal Skinner saying that Jennifer cheated on a test!!! This time Dad increases the punishment….and makes Jennifer suck him off until he cums in her mouth!! Apparently Jennifer is a slow learner….because the following week…there is yet another complain phone call from Principal Skinner!!! This time….Jennifer pulled the fire alarm….and the fire department was called to the school. This is a very serious offence, so Dad tells Jennifer that she will have to “Take it in the Cunt for this one”!! Jennifer cries as she is stripped naked….and forced to bend over the sofa and take Dad’s hard cock deep into her tight young Cunt. Dad uses her as a Rag Doll and pounds her hard until he unloads in her. Dad then warns Jennifer that if he gets another call from Principal Skinner….that she is going to have to take it in her asshole!!!

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