Renae Cruz – Watching His Daughter

Renae Cruz gets out of the shower, starts to apply lotion, and decides to have a little fun by herself. Turns out that her stepdad, Michael, has the day off today. While standing outside, he has a little fun watching her. When he accidentally makes a noise, Renae catches him peeping and jerking. They have a little talk about ‘being bad’ and ‘not telling.’

One thing leads to another and Renae starts to put on a show for her stepdaddy. He confesses to really enjoying it and really wanting her. She enjoys hearing how much he desires her, so she dares him to touch it to find out how much tighter her pussy is compared to her mom.

That gets them both really hot and bothered, so she decides to give stepdaddy a blowjob. After enjoying her mouth for a little bit, he encourages her to sit on him. Renae needs that grown-man dick in her young pussy, so she jumps on him and rides him for a long time.

They eventually take it into the bedroom and continue fucking on the bed that stepdaddy shares with her mom. He eventually can’t take anymore, pulls out, and busts all off her cute ass.

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