Roxanne Rae – The next right thing

I was busy looking all over the internet for some decent dickgirl porn last week when my Dad knocked on the door to my room. “Son, I found where Roxanne is staying, let’s go.” I told my Dad to fuck off, that I was in the middle of something important. Dad asked through the door if I found a new apartment yet… I told him I’d be ready in fifteen minutes. It really sucks having to move back in with your Dad at 25, I’m unemployed and broke so I gotta kinda do what he says… I cleaned up, went downstairs, and jumped in the truck. Dad and I headed over to the bad side of town… And so began another mission to rescue my sister Roxanne. This must have been at least the forth or fifth time we’ve tried to pull her out of some sleazy motel or trap house. If you ask me, Dad fucked up to begin with by naming his daughter Roxanne. But whatever, point is I thought this was stupid. My sister wants to live her own life and I think we should let her. She’s an adult now, if she wants to get kicked out of college and be a hooker that’s her business. Don’t get me wrong, I still love her, I’m just a realist. Unfortunately my Dad is totally codependent and thinks it’s his job to save her all the time. Once we got to my sister’s motel room it was the same old story, the room was a mess, she told us to leave, blah, blah. I got her into the shower and told Dad I was gonna go outside to smoke and get something to eat. About ten minutes later I came back up to the room. I got the scare of my life. My dad was fucking my sister right there in the shower. It totally creeped me out. A little bit later while my sister was sleeping, I couldn’t contain myself anymore. I had to fuck her as well and so I did. I did stop though when I thought I heard my dad creeping around. Later on we were trying to get my sister into counsel but that didn’t go well at all. She manipulates us into fucking her in all sorts of positions. There is nothing we could do. The next morning dad takes my sister to a safe place WTF. What do I tell mom?

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