Sadie Pop Grew Up So Fast

Teenage petite Sadie Pop is hanging out with her step father. Mommy is out at the store for a few hours leaving the two alone. The little girl is used to doing whatever the man of the house tells her to. Sadie is getting to the age where her step dad decides it’s time to start teaching her about the birds and the bees. She needs to learn what boys like and how to make them feel good. Her step daddy shows her how to use her tight shaved pussy and tiny mouth. His big cock stretches open her warm teen hole. Sadie loves every second of it. She wants to do this all the time. Whenever her Mother leaves for the day, Sadie now has a new activity to engage in.

They sit side by side on the couch and she starts stroking him. Next she blows him and then he fucks her in missionary. They switch to doggy and then she rides him in reverse cowgirl. She blows him some more and then they return to missionary. Sadie blows and strokes him until he cums, but misses her face though.

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