Seducing Mommie

Dear Diary,

Lately on my trips to visit mom’s tombstone I’ve been seeing this super sexy MILF at the graveyard also. She is always sobbing when I see her so today I offered her a shoulder to cry on. She was crying so much I offered to bring her back to daddy’s house to open up and vent to me. After all I also just lost a loved one so I can totally relate. When we got there I made us some drinks to relax a little and before I knew it she wasn’t crying anymore its probably because I was eating her pussy so well all she could do was moan!

She and I kept playing around and ended up in Daddy’s bedroom when Daddy came home early from work! When he walked in she wasn’t even shocked! She wanted to share my daddy with me right then and there! We all started fucking and going at it taking turns sharing daddy’s hard cock until Daddy came deep inside her, only for me to clean out with my tongue! Looks like I may have found the perfect MILF I mean mom for me!

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