Stella Cox and Penny Lay – Daddy’s lesbians

Stella lays on her sisters bed, absolutely hungry for some stimulation in her silky nighty. She plays with her pussy through her panties getting herself nice and wet before reaching into Penny’s drawer for the vibrator she has caught her using so many times. Beads of her juices shine as they emerge from her tight hole. Penny opens the door to her room absolutely shocked to find her sister doing such naughty things in her bed.. and with her vibrator. Penny chides her sister and jumps on the bed top, hit her with the pillow, however her anger quickly subsides and she sees the fun that could be had. The two sisters take turns with the gadget, as they find that toys shared between siblings are toys certainly enjoyed. Penny ups the fun as she gets on knees and elbows to eat her sister’s tasty pussy and Stella loves it. The two girls continue to play with each other and have so much fun they don’t notice the door crack open as their dad peers through the entry way. Outraged and cock engorged, he rushes in and puts Penny on her face for a good spanking, Stella’s flavor still on her lips. Dad makes Penny suck on his cock, and pumps her head up and down his solid rod while Stella watches and masturbates to the sight of her sister’s punishment. Both the girls pussies ache for more pleasure. Their dad positions the girls in a 69 position so that Penny, the carpet muncher she is can lick Stella as he thrusts his cock into her. She takes his full length inside of her as Penny probes her tongue across Stella’s clit. Stella uses the vibrator on her sister as the two girls receive their punishment gratefully and ultimately their dads nut all over Pennies neck and chest as Stella jerks their dad to fruition.

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