Taboo Diaries – Zelda Morrison – Sorry Not Sorry – Daddy Made It All Worth while

Dear Diary,
After Daddy punished me I got some rest and waited for him to get home. I couldn’t stop thinking about what happened and I was hoping it would happen again. When Daddy finally arrived we started talking as I nervously clutched my teddy bear.
At first Daddy wasn’t sure what to say but when my hand brushed his crotch I knew what was really on his mind. I got Daddys pants down and started sucking his cock right there on the couch. Daddy reached under my skirt and fingered my wet pussy until I came with his cock in my mouth.
Daddy pulled off my dress and pulled me close kissing my breasts and teasing me even more. I straddled Daddy and slid his cock into my tiny wet pussy til I couldn’t fit anymore. I rode Daddy for quite a bit and it felt soo good I didn’t want to stop. Daddy bent me over on the couch and really pounded me from behind then exploded deep inside me. It felt so intense I didn’t want to worry Daddy so I told him I was on the pill. Oops I hope I don’t get pregnant.
Xo Zelda

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