I wanna be like Mommy…” your young, sweet daughter began to say, “Mommy had a baby and I really want one.” Her big, brown eyes stared up at you innocently, “Please?”

Of course you were hesitant – there was no way you were going to impregnate your precious, young daughter. The idea was so bizarre, so immoral, so unethical. Her big, warm smile turned into a serious frown at your response, “I want you to impregnate me – you did it to Mommy! I’ll be a great mommy just like Mommy.” She begged you over and over, but your utter disgust at the idea was too much.

“I know you wanna,” Texie said, her hands slowly lifting her shirt, then brushing against your growing cock. You tried to fight it. There was no way you could let this happen – there was no way you could let someone so young, especially your own daughter, turn you on. “I know my little body turns you on,” she said with confidence, “I know it does – I can see it right there. Mommy likes it, I like it. I can do just what Mommy does, I promise.” Your daughter continued to strip down, teasing you with her pure, tiny body, and begged for your seed.

“You can put it right here…” Texie said, her fingers rubbing against her pussy, “right here, Daddy.” She looked down at your throbbing, hard cock and smiled sweetly, “Can I touch it, Daddy? I know you want me to.” Shame and guilt filled your head as your angelic daughter’s soft hands wrapped around your cock. You couldn’t control or stop yourself anymore, and before you knew it, you’d fill her bare, tight pussy with your cum. She’d become pregnant and grow a big belly, and you’d have another baby that you were the father and grandfather to.

This clip includes: Texie, dad/daughter, POV, young daughter bluntly tells dad that she wants to be impregnated by him, she wants to be a mom just like mom, she begs for dad’s seed but dad knows how immoral & unethical the action is so he refuses, daughter attempts to seduce dad, she gropes herself, tit groping, strips down, teasing, talks dirty, dirty talk, “I know my little body turns you on”, dad is disgusted at himself as his cock becomes hard, impregnation talk, daughter wants to touch dad’s cock, virtual handjob, virtual blowjob, fucking, virtual sex, missionary, dad fills daughter’s pussy with his seed, simulated creampie, daughter puts legs in the air to make sure cum goes all the way inside of her, impregnate, pregnant, fertile, ovulating, dad impregnates daughter, breeding, inbred, inbreeding, older man, young girl, daddy’s girl, unethical, immoral, extreme video

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