The Naughty Game Mom Manipulates & Tricks

“Hi honey…” Mom said with a big, warm smile, “whatchu doing? You cleaned your room! Thank you for being a good boy. You’re a big boy now, you cleaned your room all by yourself.” She held out her hand for a high five, then pulled back with a sweet giggle.

“Hey…do you wanna play a game with Mommy?” she asked charmingly. “I came up with this really, really cool game – do you wanna try it? I’m telling you…you’ll have lots of fun with this. You know, me and Daddy used to play this game all the time, but you’re probably not a big enough boy, right? I guess maybe we should play with one of your board games…”

Of course you were a big boy. You wanted to play whatever game Mommy was talking about. What you didn’t know, though, and what you didn’t understand…was that Mommy was horny, and she was manipulating her sweet, young, innocent boy into touching her in a very naughty, sexual, and immoral way.

“Now that I really think about it…you really got to be a big boy to play this game,” Mom started to say. “I wouldn’t want you to, you know, be too shy or something. It’s okay, we can play another game or something. You sure? Okay, I’ll see if you can handle this big boy game. Like I said, your dad was really good at this game…”

She went on to explain that it was a kissing game. And if you won? She’d give you a nice, big bowl of your favorite ice cream with everything on it – chocolate syrup and sprinkles of every color. “That’s, of course, if you win,” she smiled, then shook your small hand. “Challenge accepted!”

There were three strikes for each person. You’d start at Mommy’s feet, kissing your way up, and if she started to giggle, she’d get a strike – then it would be her turn to do the same to you. Mommy knew exactly what she was doing – she knew what to say and what to do to get you to fulfill her perverted needs. The best part? You wouldn’t even know you were doing it – it was just a game you were trying to win….

“Feels good, right? Uh oh, are you going to give up? Are you gonna be a big boy?” she said as the game progressed into something much more. Your pee-pee was inside of hers, and she was bouncing up and down on it. “That’s right, you’re just like Daddy…and you play the game so much better than he does – cross my heart!”

And don’t forget, big boys keep secrets.

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