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Brooke Bliss and RockBrooke comes into her fathers office complaining of nightmares. He calms her down, telling her theres nothing under her bed and that there are no monsters in her closet. He sings her a lullaby and she slowly drifts off in his arms. He has a lot of work to do and decides that she can stay in his office and sleep so he can keep her company.He notices that she has fallen asleep in another chair. He pulls up some internet porn and pulls out his cock, stroking it while his daughter sleeps. His moaning wakes her up and she is curious as to why his dick is out and what the man on his screen was doing to that woman.She really wants to know what they were doing or she might have nightmares of men doing the same thing to her. He lets her know that it is something she will experience later in life and its not so bad. He wants to show her what to do so she wont be scared. She slowly strokes his cock, starting to have a little bit of fun. He wants her to try sucking on it like a lollipop. She takes his cock and lovingly strokes it, slowly licking it and getting it nice and wet to slide down her throat.He props her up on his desk and rubs her pussy until the thought of fucking her is too strong. He enters her as she moans, telling him how good it feels. He fucks her on her back and then stands her up, fucking her from behind. He is getting close to cumming so he pulls out and puts her on her knees, blasting a huge load all over her face.Shes not scared of the monsters anymore and he puts her to bed to sweet dreams of her daddys cock.

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