Time For School – Almost Caught by Dad!

While trying to rouse you for school one morning, I playfully shake you to get you up and at ’em and discover you have a rock hard erection! I apologize, excusing myself so you can get situated…but you quickly ask me to stay while you take care of yourself…I can’t say I’m shocked, you’ve been staring at me with such desire since I showed you how to masturbate properly. I knew it was odd, and yes, perhaps even wrong, but you were so frustrated at school and I just knew it would help you focus to get yourself off. I was right – you were much more relaxed after that but now…well, I think I asked for this. I resist the urge at first, telling you its wrong and that your father would be so upset but you insist, telling me you need my help. You’re pleading, and I’ve never been good at telling you no…

I begin to stroke your cock, telling you how nice it feels, how hard it is in my hand, before I just have to take you into my mouth. Of course…one thing leads to another, and soon I’m riding your cock cowgirl, telling you to cum inside my pussy! We nearly get caught when your father comes up to find out whats the hold up on breakfast. I flatten myself against you and cover up with sheets while I hear you talk to him. I can feel your cock twitching in my pussy while you tell him you haven’t seen me since I woke you up…god, it’s hot enough to cum on your cock right there! Apparently you think so too, and seconds later fill my pussy with cum…one way to get you up in the morning!

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