Vanessa Cage & Cory Chase

Scene One: Movie night

Vanessa and her father are just settling down to watch a movie.
Snuggled together he softly reaches down and touches her big tits.
“Dad I’m trying to watch the movie” Vanessa says, pushing his hand away.
He pulls her hand to his crotch and she yanks it back.
“Dad stop” she tells him.

Sex act: Fucking in doggy to an (implied) creampie.

Scene Two: Dad always has dessert

The next night Vanessa is cleaning up from dinner.
“Whats for dessert” her father asks her.
When she tells him nothing he decides to have some dessert anyway.
He grabs his daughters big tits and sucks on them like ice cream.
“Dad let me go!” She screams as she’s pushed to the table.

Sex act: Pussy licking and fucking in missionary and standing doggy to an (implied) creampie.

Scene Three: Don’t bother me daddy

Just taking her pills Vanessa tells her dad to be quiet and leave her alone to sleep.
She doesn’t feel safe in his house anymore. Even though she locked her bedroom door,
as soon as she’s asleep he barges in to take advantage of her.

Sex act: Fucking in missionary, doggy and sideways with a facial finish.

Scene Four: I know what you did to our daughter

“What are you doing with our daughter!” Cory yells at her husband.
“You’re fucking her” She screams.
Cory continues to yell at him as he quietly turns around and pulls a pair of handcuffs from the kitchen drawer.

Sex act: Blowjob/facefuck and fucking in standing doggy, anal standing doggy and anal missionary with a facial finish.

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