Vanessa Sky – Anal About Chores

Disgruntled dad Steve Holmes is fed up with his rambunctiousdaughter Vanessa Sky, and the last straw comes when a pair of her pink panties make their way into the laundry and ruin the whites. From there, Steve struggles to tame a wild Vanessa, whose habit of leaving a trail of destruction wherever she goes has Steve feeling hopeless. It turns out, though, that Vanessa acting out is just a product of her desire to get properly fucked, and once he’s presented with the opportunity, Steve is more than happy to oblige – and to stick his massive cock in places that Vanessa could only dream of.

Positions: missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, sideways, doggy style, piledriver
Acts: ass to mouth, blowjob, squirting, gagging, rimming, face fuck, cunnilingus, anal fingering, fingering

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