Wet For Daddy

Desc: Samantha had always been a Daddy’s girl. She was the apple of his eye. She loved and trusted him so. Samantha lately however didn’t feel quite as comfortable talking to him about certain things….about girl’s things. Her mother left them when she was quite young and had been raised by only her father. The thought of talking to him about these kinds of things absolutely mortified and embarrassed her. There was no way she could. Lately she had been concerned that she wasn’t as filled out up top as other girl’s her age were. She often wore padded bras as to make up for the lack of tit flesh. She was about to get in the shower when she stopped to examine her tits in the mirror as she routinely did these days, always checking to see if they happened to grow any bigger than they were the day before. As she touched and probed her young breasts she caught the reflection of her father in the mirror, frozen and still, staring at her. He looked at her in a way that she had never seen him look at her before and then he quickly smiled. Samantha felt totally embarrassed and immediately tried to cover up. Her father just kinda laughed and was trying to ease her embarrassment explaining to his daughter that she was still developing and that her breasts were beautiful just the way they are. He asked Samantha to come with him so they could sit down and discuss what was bothering her. Samantha took her father’s hand and he led his daughter to the his bedroom. He pulled her to him and kissed his daughter passionately. He kissed and licked her young titties until her nipples got hard. Then he rolled them ever so gently between his fingers. Samantha’s little young pink slit was wet for Daddy now. Although Samantha was still a virgin she had fantasized about her father dozens of times. She thought about how his cock would feel sliding in and out of her tight virgin cunt. She unbuttoned his pants and her Daddy’s cock stood there strong and erect. Samantha knelt down before her father and looked up at him with her innocent blue eyes. She then eased his cock in her mouth. She had never sucked cock before but had always wanted to suck her Daddy’s. She wrapped her lips around his prick and moved her mouth up and down his shaft for a few minutes. Then with the lubrication she created with her spit Samantha wrapped her hand around her Daddy’s cock, slowly moving it up and down like she saw a woman do in a dirty movie once. She mimicked the movements exactly how she remembered from that movie, jacking her father off using perfect strokes. She wanted desperately to please him. Waves of excitement flew through her father and Samantha opened her mouth wide ready and willing to receive her Daddy’s cum. He filled her mouth and face with his warm gushes of his thick jizz. Samantha looked up at her father and smiled. She loved pleasing her Daddy.

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